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Be The Change!

Ever wanted to start a non-profit and create change for the greater good?

Need support? Guidance? Direction?


Then this course is for you! Be the change you want to see in the world in 60 days!

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Donating Food to Charity
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So you want to start a nonprofit.  Great! You are in good company.  In any given year in the U.S., as many as 75,000 applications for 501(c)3  tax exemption are filed with the IRS.  Unfortunately, less than half survive the process. 

Do you want to ensure your application’s survival?

In today’s tough economy, nonprofit organizations are needed more than ever.  More people are finding themselves in difficult circumstances, which the government simply cannot respond to or keep up with the need.  Daily, America’s charities prove how much more effective and efficient the private sector is at meeting citizens’ needs. 

But what does it take to start a nonprofit and what non-negotiables must be in place in order to sustain the organization? 

Is this Course Right For You?

Individuals with a desire to have a positive impact on their neighborhood, community, church, other groups, or the world?

Individuals, that think or know they want to start a non-profit organization and don’t know how to begin or what to expect?

Women with a passion or dream deferred?

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Have You Asked Yourself?


How to Get Started?

How do I get started? What paperwork is needed to form my organization, and how do I prepare it?


What's  really needed?

Where do I get grants? And how do I write them?


What's the difference?

What is a non-profit organization and how does it differ from a for-profit organization?

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Presented by Vanessa Bright
Founder & CEO at Vanessa Bright LLC

Vanessa is a rare visionary leader who is also good at setting up systems, creating programs, and collaborating with others. She brings two decades of experience reengineering non-profit organizations that serve marginalized populations, including the last several years in which her focus has been on expanding and streamlining programs for returning citizens.  


In 2019, she started Maryland Reentry Resource Center with a desire to use her experience, resources, and expertise to empower formerly incarcerated individuals to become thriving and productive citizens in the communities to which they return, including publishing a workbook for inmates to help them prepare for reentry.


Her inspiration is focused on upholding human dignity and creating opportunities that help individuals and organizations remove the social and financial barriers to success.  


So What's In It For You?

In This Live Webinar We Will Cover:

Way's to Find Funding!

Find ways to fund your organization.

Ability to Build Structure!

Set up your organization – policies and procedures, financials, and other systems

Legalize Your Organization

Create the legal status of your organization

Establish Your Non-Profit In 60 Days Live Course

With a Map for Impact, Growth & Sustainability

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1:1 Consulting

Amplification Add On

One Easy Payment

$75.00 per hr.

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Ohh But There's More!

Create Your Life Plan Now!

Looking for a way to prepare your life for post incarceration?


This book Is the perfect guide to help you or someone you know to prepare for success while incarcerated! 

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