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Vanessa Bright

Mo⦿ Educator ⦿ Entrepreneur ⦿ Non-profit Founder

In 2019, Vanessa started Maryland Reentry Resource Center with a desire to use her experience, resources, and expertise to empower formerly incarcerated individuals to become thriving and productive citizens in the communities to which they return.

Her inspiration is focused on upholding human dignity and creating opportunities that help individuals and organizations remove the social and financial barriers to success.

Vanessa is the author of: Dollars and Cents for Parents and ChildrenCreate Your Life Plan Now: Your Roadmap to Reentry and The Greatest Story Ever Told, A Self Guided Journal.

Vanessa holds a Master of Business Administration from Howard University and a Master of Social Work from Catholic University.

She is also a Licensed Master Social Worker.

Group Planting a Tree

My Why

My life story reflects a rich tapestry of resilience, family values, and a commitment to helping others. My experiences as a professional, mother, and nonprofit leader, along with the influence of strong women in my life, have shaped a philosophy centered on joy, family, personal well-being, and positive community impact. I recognize that charitable nonprofits are vehicles for transforming shared beliefs into impactful action with transformative potential to address a wide range of societal needs.


I desire to help others to leverage their experience, skills, and expertise to build the next generation of nonprofits that offer a forward-thinking and proactive approach to social issues. I am committed to guiding the next generation of volunteers to channel their skills where they are most needed and fostering a culture of service and civic engagement.


If you have specific questions or if there's anything you'd like assistance with as you pursue your goals in nonprofit leadership and development, please reach out for a free consultation.

Are you ready to be heard?

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