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I have created a coaching and consulting program that provides a structured pathway for individuals who aspire to make a positive impact through nonprofit work. The program is comprehensive and well-designed to guide participants in creating, sustaining, and growing impactful and sustainable nonprofit organizations. The program is inclusive and caters to individuals at various stages of their nonprofit
journey. From those with a desire to make a difference to individuals who want to start a nonprofit but lack guidance, my program addresses a broad spectrum of needs. Additionally, I focus on empowering women with deferred passions to reclaim those dreams and become agents of change. If there's any specific aspect of your program or nonprofit development in which you'd like further assistance or guidance, sign up for a free consultation.

Online Course
Working from Home
Working from Home

Distinction: Coaching & Consulting


1. Purpose: Coaching is typically geared towards personal or professional development. Coaches help individuals or teams unlock their potential, set and achieve goals, and navigate personal or professional challenges.
2. Process: Coaches use a questioning and reflective approach, guiding clients to discover their own solutions. The emphasis is on facilitating self-discovery and growth.
3. Role of the Coach: Coaches act as partners, providing support, encouragement, and accountability. They help clients gain insights, develop skills, and make decisions aligned with their values and goals.


1. Purpose: Consulting is often task-specific and focuses on solving a particular problem or providing expertise in a particular area. Consultants are hired for their knowledge and skills in a specific domain.
2. Process: Consultants analyze problems, offer recommendations, and may implement solutions. The emphasis is on providing expertise and advice based on the consultants' knowledge and experience.
3. Role of the Consultant: Consultants take a more directive role, offering solutions and strategies. They may be involved in decision-making and implementation of their recommendations.

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